Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Wisdom of Children

This afternoon Mike and I took Elijah to the park for some much needed play. Duncan came along with us and while Elijah climbed the jungle gym and slid the slides under a warm, blue sky, Duncan and I strolled down to the lake to enjoy the sun bouncing off its smooth surface from a hundred different angles. The ducks and a few straggling geese swam lazily just off the bank and a hundred joggers, speed-walkers and roller-bladers darted past us. Mike and Elijah joined us and together we decided to visit the memorial and climb Rebel Hill. While Mike looked over the plaques and strolled the smooth brick courtyard, Elijah, Duncan and I followed the path to the top of the hill to overlook the lake, most of Littleton and Denver off in the distance. I took a seat on brick bench and Elijah leaned against the short wall opposite me. He was smiling and happy, but he watched me in that way he has, as if he's reading me and nothing is secret. This is a child I have a connection with like no other. I was present at his birth and was the first person to see him just before he entered the world. He single-handedly saved me at my grandmother's funeral and has touched and changed me in ways I never expected. I am as close to him as I am any of my friends, his mother and father included.

"This is one of my favorite places," I told him.

He looked around, about as amused as a four year old can be by a view of the mountains and the city.

"Sometimes when I'm very lonely and missing my friends and family Duncan and I come up here and we sit and look out on all the people passing below and it makes me happy," I explained.

He thought for a moment, the mountains and setting sun behind him, his head aglow with the last strong light of the day.

"Well now when you come up here you can remember me sitting here with you and Duncan and never feel lonely again."

I think it would be impossible to think of anything else.

I will miss him terribly when they leave tomorrow. He is my angel and one of the best gifts the universe has ever given me.


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Elijah said...

I loved that moment. we should do that again. Duncan and me especially mom. I liked to watch the pond. I loved playing games! I love to adventure with my mom! it is fun to have fun.