Sunday, March 23, 2008


My car smells terribly of wet dog. It's a long ride from Stapleton to home and I think even Duncan was disgusted with his wet-dog scent by the time we arrived. Once home I made a bee-line for the tub, which I turned on and then went out looking for Duncan's big fluffy white towels and his shampoo. When I returned to the bathroom he'd already climbed inside and was waiting patiently for me to finish the job.It wasn't as fun as chasing geese around the pool with Maddie, but he smells nice now and has spent most of the night curled up asleep.


Lori said...

Q.T.Butt! You're always right there ready with the camera, too. I must do better in that regard.

Cheryl said...

OH, MY LITTLE DUNCAN DOODLE! Grammy is so proud of you! There's some turkey waiting for you at our house. Curt, you should have danced.