Sunday, March 30, 2008

Just Because

Last night was the first night I returned to bed since getting sick. It seems the nice thing to do, sleeping on the couch to avoid giving this nasty stomach bug to Ken. Duncan, who follows me everywhere, was quite happy to move back to our familiar haunts. The couch isn't nearly big enough to spread out on, especially not with Winnie and Pip curled up around me. As I was climbing into bed, he jumped up and plopped right down, taking up as much room as possible (nearly my entire half of the bed!). It wasn't nearly as comfortable as I'd hoped, but I got to wake up to a face this looked a lot like this one (only with blankets and bedding all around it instead of carpet). How could I be angry? And later today he'll be rewarded with our first long walk since last week.


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure which is more beautiful? The picture of Duncan today or the picture of Duncan previously?!
LOVE THE WEATHER REPORT...thank you! (Although you suck with nicer weather...happy for Duncan!)
Glad you are feeling better! Hope Ken doesn't get it! Really though...thanks for the weather 'widget'. :)

Murphy's Mom said...

those eyes could and do get away with murder!

Lori said...

This picture reminds me SO much of my Ripley. And if I could wake up with that sweet red face next to me, he could have 95% of the bed and 100% of the covers. I'd just smooch his precious pink nose and be so glad. Such a good Duncan-Dad!