Friday, March 28, 2008

Getting There

Somehow or another the fever finally broke and tonight I'm starting to feel a bit like my old self again. Still afraid to eat and only sipping at ginger ale and bubble water, but my stomach seems to have calmed and my aches and pains are abating.

Staying home is not fun. At least not when you're really sick. Daytime TV is miserable and my head ached just enough that reading was out of the question. I watched a little "Price is Right," which I used to watch with Grandma when I was young, but Drew Carey is no Bob Barker and I had to turn the channel. Next came "VH-1 Behind the Music" and even some "Myth Busters" but it took Waterworld with Kevin Costner before I realized how truly low I had sunk and finally switched to DVDs.

Duncan has been miserable. He was relieved to have the apartment back after Kevi and Company left on Wednesday, and fully expected to return to long leisurely walks in the afternoons and evenings, but this flu sidelined his hopes. He's been pretty much grounded since Wednesday night, only going out when Ken can take him on walks or the two times I felt safe on my feet today.

The cats, however, have been living it up, if you can call hunkering down on their papa living it up. From the moment I relocated to the couch Thursday morning I have had Pip rolled up in a ball against my chest and Winnie on my hip. Duncan has alternated between plopping down on my legs or retreating completely to the bedroom where he hides under the bed. Olive, being a fat, little thing, hasn't moved from Ken's pillow. She's a daddy's girl anyway so I don't mind. Besides, she probably hasn't noticed at all.

Hopefully I'll be able to get out tomorrow and take Dunc for a walk. It might not be a long one, but at this point anything will be better than nothing.


NodakJack said...

Hey, buddy boy...sorry you're unwell. Poor guy. Your grandpa Rogers would insist that you not only should "rest" but that you should SWEAT! Put extra covers on your fevered self and sweat it out.
Good luck with the crud. Thinking of you..

Chris & Mackenzie said...

Curt - Hope you get to take that walk today...the fresh air may help.

Hang in there.

Wags - Chris & Mackenzie

Lori said...

Sounds AWFUL! I wonder... do the cats like it BETTER when you're sick, or are they helping you recover? Could explain a lot.
Feel better!

muse said...

Well, now that you have experienced the flu...what would you think of a flu shot next year? We had twice the number of flu cases this year at work! Part of the reason for the increase was that people were too busy with work and life that they neglected to get their flu shot, which by the way was offered to employees free of charge! People can think up a multitude of reasons why they don't want to get a flu shot and I can say I used to be one of them-but I am a believer now!

I have been flu free for 15 years and I think my good fortune is from a balance of exercise, rest and an annual flu shot.