Thursday, March 27, 2008

Closed for Business

Jonah managed to leave just a bit of himself behind; the stomach virus he nursed all weekend decided to set up residence with me. It's been a tough day trying to keep anything down and even harder watching Duncan cuddle with me on the couch wondering why we haven't gone for a walk. Today was terrible and gray and we didn't miss anything, but it's hard on him if he doesn't get out.

Check back tomorrow. Hopefully I'll feel better. In the mean time, go read old posts and make new comments on them. It's been an awfully comment-free couple of weeks around here.


Anonymous said...

Love love love your blog. You are number 1b in my blog world. I don't even disappoint myself checking in the evening. It's fourth thing in the morning. Coffee, dog, Lori's blog, Duncan. I liked when you had the temperature thingy up. Hope you feel better. Dog saliva is healing. Maybe Duncan can clean you up? Take care.

Curt Rogers said...


Thanks for the kind words! And because you were nice enough to leave a comment I even brought back the weather report! All for you!

Duncan has been a trooper all through my flu, laying on top of me when I hunkered down on the couch, trying to sneak bites of my occasional soft-boiled egg and toast, even taking up my half of the bed last night. ALL NIGHT. He's been patient with me and was rewarded with a nice tromp through the snow that fell this morning.

Thanks for reading WWD. I look forward to hearing from you again.