Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Too Much Room

I came home tonight very aware that Kevi, Mike, Elijah and Jonah have left Denver and returned to Pocatello. We had a wonderful weekend, from seeing the zoo to grilling burgers, playing at the park to sprawling on the couches making each other laugh. It felt good to have these people in my home, these friends who have become family to us. But it also felt good to know my space was my own again. After spending time with Melissa and Kona at The Glen I was almost giddy knowing that if I wanted to talk to myself I could, if I wanted to lay on the floor and pet Olive I wouldn't be pounced on by a four-year old. Duncan, who loves children, started looking a bit wilted this morning and I knew he was looking forward to reclaiming his home as much as I was, but after coming home and throwing ourselves onto the floor in the office to roll around and relax, I think we both realized how empty the place seemed, and not quite as solid. Kind of tinny and echoey. And Dunc, who spent the past three days trying to lay low, seemed kind of lost, too.The apartment seemed awfully big and empty without the sound of Elijah or the voices of my friends. And as happy as we were to have our place back, we can't help but feel a bit lonely.

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