Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Wanted: New Job

To Duncan's great delight it snowed all night and we awoke to find our white world even whiter. Ken and I took turns taking him outside, where he reacted like a child on Christmas morning. God he loves the snow! His eyes got wide, he caught his breath then jumped head first into it, scampering in widening circles around me, kicking it up behind him. His face quickly whitened and only the dark tip of his nose and his brown eyes stood out, like a ghost costume cut out of a sheet. I walked with him down to the end of the yard and back, wishing I could stay home with him today and play in the snow. I wish I was one of those people who could telecommute, or who had a rich benefactor, or someone who simply didn't have to work. I'd never grow bored, or rather, I'm good at boredom so it wouldn't bother me.

I'm looking for a new job. The bureaucracy and inane politics of higher education have grown tedious, and I don't even work for the college. I work in the bookstore, which is retail, which is about as meaningless as jobs get. Retail takes and takes and takes some more and offers little actual benefit to mankind. No lives are changed because of a new floor cleaner or because we now get 33% more in every bag of Cool Ranch Doritos. I am little more than a purveyor of useless items. No one goes home and says, "Thank god there was someone there to order my over-priced textbook for me!" It's not that I'm seeking praise or a permanent place in someone's memory; that's not it at all. What I really want is to be able to go home and feel proud of the job I've done, knowing that I did something good, made someone's life easier, or changed the world in even the tiniest of ways.

Wouldn't it be wonderful to get paid to stay home with Duncan, study his ways and share the wisdom of dogs with the world? There is obviously much we could learn from our best friends, such as the value of leisure, the importance of play, how to love everyone and everything unconditionally. I wouldn't have to jump through hoops or say things I don't mean; hell, I wouldn't even have to put on shoes if I didn't want to. Duncan and I could play and roll in the snow and the world of business and commerce could keep its ugliness far away from us. The dog world is much kinder and nurtures the spirit, which is far more valuable than gold.


Lori said...

If you find that job, will you hire me so I can do it, too??? I loved the line about being good at boredom, so it doesn't bother you. Me, too! And Tom and I have often said someone should have some sort of subsidy, to just pay us to stay home and be happy together, because there isn't enough happiness in the world. Same should go for us with our dogs! Subsidize some joy, people! :-)

traci said...

You forgot soul sucking. Good luck with the search. You deserve better.

Murphy's Mom said...

Are you familiar with the literary works of Trixie Koontz? If not, go look her up...I want to preach about the benefits of Golden Retrievers and the lead seminars called The Way of The Goldie. Care to sign up???

Curt Rogers said...

I'm ALL OVER The Way of the Goldie! Sounds brilliant!