Friday, December 14, 2007

Wonder Pets & Feathers

My friend Denise, who lived three houses down from us in Stapleton and kept me sane throughout much of my time there, called tonight. We discussed the beautiful feathers she and Martin, Avery, their daughter, and Maddie, their black lab and Duncan's best friend, sent me. She asked about the impending trip and what I thought of it. As I explained my plan I realized I am indeed looking forward to my first solo long-distance drive since getting sick. It feels solid and not only do I have Duncan keeping watch from the backseat, but as each of your feathers roll in, the stronger and more confident I feel.

"Duncan is your Wonder Pet," she said, referring some TV show I'm not familiar with. And seconds later she sent an email with the picture.

He's not a duck, a turtle or a Guinea Pig, but he's a Roo–my Dunkaroo–and everything will be fine.

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Traci said...

Everything WILL be fine!

I'm dropping my feather in the mail tomorrow so keep an eye out.