Monday, December 17, 2007

These Boots Are NOT Made for Running...

On our very quick jaunt to the park this morning, while the air was still clean and before Bowles had quite filled with cars and the lovely scent they leave behind, Duncan and I discovered a smallish flock of geese which had spread themselves out on the mound on the other side park's frontage road. I was feeling great, stomping around in my big, new boots and Dunc was happy just to be out for an early morning pee in the snow.

"Oooh, Dunc," I said softly, which always catches his attention. "Look at the geese." He immediately turned to them, waited a moment and then before I was able to register what was happening, he took off, dragging me behind.

The boots are wonderful things, they are. But the combination of my lack of real world boot experience and their size mixed with my sudden and unexpected acceleration did not go over so well. I made five or six huge gallumping strides before my knees gave out and down I went, open palm in the middle of the road. The leash slipped from around my wrist and while I hurriedly picked myself up before I found myself attached the grill of a truck, Duncan chased the geese, which ambled to their feet and jumped into the air in that awkward way they have, their wings churning the snow and air around them. Duncan stood amid their flattened field staring skyward while I picked pebbles out of my palm and wiped the scrapes from my wrists.

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Ruth said...

" lack of real world boot experience..." is the best thing I've read all day