Friday, December 21, 2007

Dog Morning

Duncan was like a child who did not want to get up this morning. Granted, he's not used to me leaving for work at 6:30 and typically sleeps in until quarter to eight when he ambles down the hall and stretches a big stretch in front of me, a sleepy dog smile spread across his face. This morning though, after I showered, heated water for my tea and packed my breakfast (honey, maple Yo-Curt with a dab of vanilla, which I'll spread over my blueberry cluster cereal) and lunch (leftover chicken and lasagna) it was time to take the boy outside for his morning business. When I poured the Yo-Curt and food into his bowl he didn't move. I found him spread out across the bed, his head on the pillow, a rabbit twitching his dream-legs. I kissed his cheeks and coaxed him along. "C'mon, buddy; time to get up. Papa has to go." His eyes rolled open and he sighed, a grumpy, the-bed-is-so-warm kind of sigh. I kissed him again and finally managed to get him up. But he didn't like it and when he stretched he managed a yawn and a second groan at the same time.

Despite the warning that it's going to snow and blow all day and into the night, the sky was clear and beautiful, the air still fresh. While Duncan did his business I scanned the heavens for the one or two constellations I know but didn't see them. Apparently they'd called it quits for the night, punched out and headed to a favorite cafe for a quick breakfast of Falling Star Pancakes and Scorpio Scrambled Eggs before hitting the hay. I spotted Mars, which is very close to earth and also very red. It's quite spectacular and bright. I'd seen him last night on our walk, rising in the east, quite near where the full moon will rise. But even he was dipping low, headed toward the sleepful oblivion of the horizon.

Duncan, I'm sure, will follow Mars to bed as soon as I close the door and leave for work. After all, he doesn't have anything to do today but dream and chase Pip.

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