Sunday, April 14, 2013


I never used to like yellow but then the day after Ken brought Duncan home we went shopping for all the things we'd need for the new puppy and I spotted the big yellow crock that would eventually become his water bowl. I liked it because I imagined leaning down into it for a cool drink would be like leaning into the sun and lapping at its rays. The thing was bigger than him and he had to stand in it to drink so we switched it out for a smaller bowl until he'd grown into his paws and could drink without simultaneously taking a bath. And now, on hot summer days Duncan loves nothing more than for me to fill it with water and ice cubes that he can chase with his nose and tongue, and chomp when he grows tired of their swimming. And on those same days, when I am exhausted and too tired to move, I love watching him play and splash until his face is soaked, until his eyebrows drip, and a smile dances across his face.


Anonymous said...

Perfect photo for the story!

Max Mom said...

Yellow, to me, has always represented positivity... :)
Love this post!