Tuesday, April 16, 2013

My Favorite Color

After a long walk in the snow and slush (oh, the slush!), Duncan and I climb the thirty-seven steps to my door where I make him shake the snow off his coat. He doesn't always do it on command so sometimes I just grab his tail and wag it it side to side, which makes him dance and smile and turn in circles. I'm sure we look ridiculous but we find it fun and anything worth the fun is also worth the ridiculous.

After that we come inside where a nice warm towel is waiting for him. He plops down in the entryway while I slip it over his head and down his back. Duncan loves a good toweling-off which makes it quite difficult. He huffs and puffs and rolls over on his side, pushing his snout into the floor while he turns this way and that, stretches out long then curls up in a ball before standing up and letting me dry him off some more. I towel each of his feet, coaxing out the tight, round balls of snow that collect under his pads, leaving them scattered across the floor like the remnants of snowmen. Then I move down to his belly, which he really loves, leaning into me as I dry his chest, licking my cheeks when I come back up for his chin and the tip of his nose. And sometimes when I'm done I just leave the towel draped over his head so that he looks like Obi-Dunc-Kenobi.

Red is my favorite color. Especially when it's on my good, red dog.


Max Mom said...

Oh how sweet! Duncan rocks! And so does your writing! You draw me in, Curt. :)
BTW, We have the same towelling off challenge - except it's from the swimming pool - a daily routine after our walk. If I'm not quick enough, they bring the entire flower bed into the house too.
Keep writing, my talented friend!

Sue said...

Ditto to everything Caryl (Max Mom) said. I LOVE your writing, both on FB and your blog (but I'm pretty sure you already knew that!)

My pups LOVE being toweled off too, and Jack used to love it most of all. Talk about another good, red dog. I love this photo Curt. Keep writing, and snapping away!