Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Duncan and the cats have reluctantly traded their bright patches of sunlit carpet for low, cloudy skies––the kind of day that's perfect for curling up on the couch under a blanket and snuggling. I've been working from home today and after watching Pip and Duncan sit in the window looking out over their gray world, Duncan and I ventured outside for a quick bathroom break (his, not mine). We meandered lazily across the slowly greening grass where the rabbits roost and happened to pass a neighbor's car, which only two days ago, was bright and shiny and clean, but after a night of rain and gloom, it wasn't as reflective as I'd hoped. Nonetheless Duncan stopped long enough for a quick shot and today's photo's challenge entry.

Afterward we scurried back inside, where it was warm and cozy and smelled like hot chocolate. Duncan, of course, didn't get a sip, but I gave him a bully stick instead, which he took back to his bed, where he was able to nestle down among the blankets and chew to his heart's delight.


David said...

Perhaps they make an imitation cocoa- flavored bully stick.

And then Duncan wouldn't be blue.

Anonymous said...

Finn and Charley agree with your friend David. Cocoa flavored bully sticks. YUM. Hope all is ok on your end.