Saturday, August 2, 2008


Casey and I were not always friends. It took a long time for the two of us to get to a point where we could even be in the same room and have a conversation. Don't get me wrong, we loved each other, but as with most siblings there is a certain amount of resentment, jealousy and competition which can get in the way of things. We spent far too much time seeing each other only as "brother" and "sister" rather than as real people, with personalities and stories and a library of dirty jokes to share.

Duncan loves his Aunt Casey very much and I know Casey loves him, but it's been interesting to notice some age-old behaviors bubbling to the surface over the past two days. And to think, I thought we were past all this!

One minute all is well...

And the next all hell has broken loose!
Some things never change.

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