Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Duncan's Evening

Tonight I am tired and Duncan has been especially eager to play. His Bah-Bah has dangled from his mouth all evening, from the moment he met me at the door and then later when I returned from the grocery store. He looks hopeful and I can't help wanting to sit and play with him, tossing his various toys down the hallway or across the rooms and then scampering to hide while he retrieves them. It is a game we play often. There is such delight in everything he does that even though my body is tired and I want nothing more than to crawl into bed and pull the covers over my head, I will stop and spend my last hour wrestling and cavorting, doing the things that mean so much to him. He seems desperate for it and his face is big and open, as though wondering why I'm doing anything other than crawl around the floor with him. We will take our walk in the cool night and I will watch the bright Big Dipper while he watches for bunnies and when we are done he will wrap himself around my feet and rest his head on my shin and we'll meet in our dreams where there will be plenty of time for play.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful gift dogs give us by melting our worries away with just a wag of the tail and the soft touch of their ears.


Greg said...

Work kept me from home until late last night, and so also pre-empted Emily's and my evening walk (the neighborhood is not well-lit, so late night forays beyond the yard are discouraged). But we did have some nice snuzzle time together on the carpet when I got home.

caboval said...

Yes I have had times where I didnt want to take a walk or whatever but I did it, mostly for Joey but it always turns out to be me that gets the benefit! And when I get home my troubles melt away. Dogs are like therapy I swear.