Sunday, August 10, 2008

Rain Walk

It was shining and sunny when the storm hit, slipping down the side of the yellowing mountains suddenly and hard. Storms like this are my favorite, with heavy darkness on one side of the sky and brilliant gold on the other, each falling drop an explosion of light, each drip on a window a comet's trail. Duncan and I were safe inside, where it was cool and I'd already started taking down the pots and pans I'd need for dinner. Duncan's raw meat had defrosted on the counter and was ready to be served up in his bowl. Winnie watched from her spot under the plant on the dining room table. We were dry and settled in for the night, except perhaps, for the night walk, our last of the day, which always comes just before bed when the traffic has calmed, the clouds have cleared and the stars are at their most brilliant.

There was nothing in me that could resist walking in the rain. It is summer, after all, and I knew the air was still warm and sticky even if the water was cool. I tugged on my flip flops and grabbed Duncan, who in his mad desire to spend as much time as possible outside did not seem to notice the wet until he stepped in his first big puddle. He snapped at the rain as it came down on his head and ran his chin through the tall grass, bending under the weight of the droplets. I tilted my head back, closed my eyes and walked across the yard, Duncan's pull and play my only guide, the rain catching in my eyebrows, pooling down in the corners of my eyes, running slowly into the stubble on my cheeks. It was a glorious rain, fragrant and rich, and felt good dripping down my neck and under my collar. My shirt quickly soaked through and as the rain started to let up, the drops continued to trickle from my hair into my eyes.

Today is my last day of summer. Rush at the bookstore starts tomorrow and most of my hours will be spent listening to the senseless whines and complaints of Littleton's finest, the hope of tomorrow. It's a terrible time of year for me, one I spend months and months dreading and making myself sick over. It would be easy to spend tonight thinking of nothing else, working myself into a ball of nervous energy and anxiety, but after the walk in the rain I can say it will be easier tomorrow just to survive, knowing I have this memory inside me, that all the bitching and moaning of the college's miserable lot will never be able to take that from me. I am not my job. I am no one's punching bag. I am a writer, a lover of animals, a kind and gentle person (albeit one with a deep appreciation for irony and sarcasm) and a person who is unafraid to walk in the rain and find strength and harmony enough in its clouds to survive anything.


Greg said...

Oh, isn't he adorable when he's all wet like that!?

Irony and Sarcasm are terrific tools to have in your utility belt as you prepare for the busy season. I know they serve me well. Glad you've got the memory of special moments packed in there, too.

Have a good day tomorrow!!

Marty said...

Duncan looks so adorable slightly wet and just a little curly. If I were there, he'd be nuzzled and kissed.

Good luck with the whiny kids today. Glad you have the memories to sustain you. Remember, every time you get through these one of these difficult days, the world waits with memories yet made. Memories that you generously share with all the rest of us.


Curt Rogers said...

I guess I'm not as bothered by wet dog as most other people. After the photo I ran a towel over him until his hair turned dry and kinky and we cuddled on the couch for awhile. It was a clean rain so he actually smelled fresh as he dried, and a little like the shampoo his groomer used two months ago.

Thank you both for the good thoughts of the coming week. I'll keep them close to me!

The Hunky Gardener said...
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The Hunky Gardener said...

Oops...not sure what happened to my last comment so here it goes again! I have never heard religion described as an addiction. Interesting thought considering I am struggling with my childhood religious beliefs.

traci said...

What a great photo of Dunc. It's hard to resist a good rain isn't it? Good luck this week. Is it back to school time again already?

caboval said...

Oh that was beautiful. My mom always said "who cares if it is raining? Go out and let it fall on your tongue,taste the rain, taste life!"
I hope you made it through today knowing Duncan is waiting to explore more of life today with you :)

CJ said...

I love the smell of a wet dog!