Friday, August 8, 2008

Golden Moments

The storm passed over us with only a few flashes and claps of thunder, not even enough to ruffle Duncan, who sat by my side on the patio, pawing at the wood chips that fill the flower bed at the edge of the cement. It wasn't until later, when we walked across the park, bypassing the baseball games and making our way to the top of the memorial that we were able to enjoy the show. From where sat on the low brick bench we could see far out over the eastern plains, nearly to the edge of the city lights where a tremendous storm raged in the skies above Almost Kansas. Further in, not far from the park but far enough to shield us of from the sounds of the rockets, a fantastic fireworks display lit the skies. From our hillside perch we looked down on it, which was a bit like peering down on a colorful and fast blooming garden, with dandelions of gold and red, flaming pansies of blue and green and tall columns of exploding snapdragons. And behind it the lightning storm, which we could hear and feel all these miles away. Duncan sat next to me, panting from the climb in the humidity, resting one foot atop the toe of my shoe, his head cocked at each bright burst and the streaks of orange light arcing across the sky, illuminating the entire horizon from north to south. It reminded me of an evening spent in Lake Bluff, on an estate which overlooked Lake Michigan. John and Betsy and I had gone there to sit on the winding wooden walkway which descended the side of the bluff to the boat dock below. We sipped wine and beer and smoked grass and watched an enormous storm over the lake, far away on the Michigan side, with fingers of lightning that seemed to spread hundreds of miles. We hardly spoke to one another, instead keeping our faces turned eastward, our eyes on the black clouds and thick streaks of rain. We were content simply sharing the moment, not commenting on it, not laughing or joking, just being together. Those are the kind of friends I love the most, the ones who can share and keep a silence, who can sit beside you and witness, maybe reach out a hand or smile and who know the importance of golden moments.


Greg said...

Wow, that sounds like quite an amazing show. Glad you had your pal beside you to enjoy the golden moment.

(My heart beats a little faster when you start using the names of flowers and stuff...)

caboval said...

OMG I just burst into tears! I know the feeling. Its so special :)