Friday, August 1, 2008

Duncan's Best Friend

There was a knock on the door yesterday and when Duncan and I opened it, Dunc was shocked to discover his grandma and Aunt Casey waiting for him on the other side. His love of my mother is astounding considering he's only spent a couple of holidays with her, although I suspect much of it is driven by their initial introduction when she got him hopped up on turkey and kept him in a tryptophan-induced haze for much of that first Thanksgiving. From that moment on Duncan has been her number one fan and she has been just as devoted to him. When he discovered her at the door there was a moments pause followed quickly by wild and ecstatic celebration as he danced circles around her and pulled her into the apartment by her shirt, mauling her with kisses punctuated by his high-pitched bird-like chirps. The two days since have been bliss for Dunc, who has lead her to believe he never receives any attention whatsoever, as if his every need isn't met by yours truly, and demands she spend every spare moment playing with him.

When we decided to drive downtown this evening to take Casey to Coors Field (apparently she's a crazy Rockies fan), Duncan had no problem at all sharing the backseat, which is typically his domain and his alone, with Mom. With the windows rolled down and the 102˚ air blowing through the car, he perched right up next to her and grinned ear to ear. And Mom, being Mom––and Grandma––was just as pleased to be sitting next to him.

It is good to have my family here. And good to know they love him as much as I do. I am blessed on many counts.


Lori said...

Both parents in the space of one week? That is surely unprecedented! My Ripley was like that about Tom's sister. Tom "stashed" puppy-Rippy at her apartment for a day before presenting him to me on Christmas Eve, so that may be part of it. She also later got a beagle/pit mix named Ranger, who became Ripley's best play-buddy. Even several years later when she came to visit (Ranger, sadly, had died of a back injury), Ripley reacted to Paula much as Dunc reacted to your mom, clear down to the chirpy-bird sounds of joy.

Anonymous said...

Hi Cheryl and Casey!
Curt, take them to Red Robin for a Royal Burger...

Greg said...

Awww, Duncan and his grandma...sweet! I hope you've enjoyed their visit--time with family is always great!

: )

traci said...

What a wonderful surprise! Enjoy your visit with your mom and sis.

There must be something about our moms that the dogs sense. Murphy and Chloe go nuts when they see my mom.

Go Rockies! (Anyone to beat the Cubs!)

CJ said...

Duncan sure looks happy!