Friday, July 18, 2008

Good Friends

After an overly-long and completely unproductive thunderstorm under skies that couldn't decide what they wanted to be, Duncan was overjoyed at the prospect of a walk. He danced and pranced across the field, his rear end swinging so hard it occasionally passed him and pulled him right around in a circle, at which point he didn't know quite what to do so he threw himself into the grass and rolled so hard he actually did two somersaults, head over bum twice in a row, and came up, green blades caught around his collar, a barnyard version of a lion's mane, a confused look on his face, as though not quite sure if up was really up or if up was down. It didn't dampen the glory of his moment, though, and when we unexpectedly bumped into Kona and Melissa, he ran full throttle toward them, leaping into the air and touching noses with Kona then sidestepping around her to say hello to Melissa. Kona did the same for me and immediately stuffed her long, black snout into my pocket for the pumpkin treats she knows I keep there.

I love that he has a friend who merits such exuberance. I could watch them wrestle and leap all day, rolling in the grass together then laying side by side long enough to cool off and start all over again. We should all be so lucky, to have friends whose company propels us forward and drives us into the air and spin circles of joy around them. We should do as the dogs do and remind them of it every time we see them.


Greg said...

May we always greet our dearest friends with such excitement and exuberance!

CJ said...

I wish I had more friends that made me feel this way.
Love the picture.