Sunday, July 13, 2008


In the nine months since I first started writing about my walks with Duncan this blog has been viewed nearly six thousand times by visitors from seventy countries around the world, including Russia, China, Iran, southeast Asia, Cameroon, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, nearly all of Europe and most of South America. It's been a fascinating endeavor to check my Google Analytics and watch the map of the world light up with all sorts of places in which I'd love to walk Duncan (even those places where--and here's the old joke again––the locals would much rather read a blog entitled "While Woking Duncan").

The one hurdle, the one little blip on the map that's been driving me crazy for months has been Delaware, the final hold-out here at home. I've been watching and waiting for almost a year, witnessing the addition of India, the Czech Republic, Serbia and Montenegro while wondering what the hell was going on in Delaware that none of the good people there had the time to enjoy Duncan's walks with the rest of us. Granted, I don't have much experience with Delaware, except for the two days I spent at Rehoboth Beach when I was ten, but it seemed a nice enough place, and is still the only place where the Atlantic Ocean has washed up around my ankles.

So I complained to my friend Lori at Fermented Fur, who'd also somehow been overlooked by the Delawarians. Rather than take the Curt-Approach (i.e. wait-and-see) she whipped up a post that addressed the issue head-on. And typical of Lori's outspoken and humorous style she elicited a response almost immediately.

And so it gives me great pleasure to announce that Delaware has finally come on board. Thanks to Mike Mahaffie, who did the deed, sucking it up for the entire state. Mike has two great blogs, Mike's Musings and Gratitudes, which, even though it hasn't been added to in a while, is a heartfelt celebration of life's details, the things often overlooked that shouldn't be. As I said last October, it's important to keep a list of particulars, which is, in its own way, what While Walking Duncan is all about: being mindful, observant and awake to the goings-on of the world around us. Mike seems a right darn mindful guy and I hope each of you can take a moment to check out his blogs and let him know that I'm most grateful for his contribution to my peace of mind.

Post Script: If you're from North Dakota, Montana or Mississippi, you really need to check out Fermented Fur. Lori's a good egg and will make you laugh! Check back often, too!

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