Monday, July 21, 2008

A Gentle Hunt

The bunnies, it seems, are starting to make a comeback, although I'm not sure why. Our end of the complex is still in the paint zone, with workers climbing the buildings on tall ladders, which, when they're done for the night they chain together and pile in the grass where the rabbits nestle as they dine on clover. The two giant garbage bins, train-car-sized, still look as though they were tossed into the parking lot, taking up twelve good spots. And a foul-smelling port-o-potty sits next to them, polluting the hedge where the rabbits roost. Despite all this, we've seen more rabbits in the past week than we've seen for most of the last month and Duncan is getting quite good at sneaking up on them, taking very deliberate, graceful and slow steps toward them, careful not to make a sound as he advances. I marvel at his care, which no one taught him. He simply knows it, which makes me wonder what the rest of us know but don't use because there is no need. At first glance he looks fierce, but trust me, there is nothing fierce about him. He wants those bunnies so he can bury his nose in their white bellies and sniff them up. He really is the gentlest soul I know.


Greg said...

Hee hee...he really is a gentle but curious boy, isn't he? That's priceless.

I can't believe there's not even tension in that leash! (There's NEVER not tension on our leash...or my arm! Of course, that collar of his might make all the difference, too.)

By the way, there's a thing or two about bachelor's buttons in the garden this evening.

caboval said...

OMG I want to see more!

Curt Rogers said...

Greg, that collar made all the difference. It looks a bit scary but it really isn't bad and he responds well to it. I tried everything and it was this one which finally did the trick. Choke collars are TRULY terrible as they can crush your dog's esophagus and regular collars aren't fitted correctly so I went with this one, after my friends Kevi and Mike fought long and hard to convince me of it. I'm a convert now, though!

Caboval, I'm aleady hoping to make another bunny video. This one was FAR too short. It's just that sometimes he moves SO slowly that it doesn't seem very exciting. But I promise another one as soon as we encounter one and I have the camera ready!

Sue said...

So....did he get the bunny? Just to snuggle with, of course! So cute how he is in the "stalk" mode. My pups do that to each other around the pool sometimes, of course always when the camera is inside.

I agree with you 100% on the prong collar. They work magic. I couldn't handle my big pups without it. It makes walking over 220 lbs. of Golden managable. (Jack is 86lbs., Jill is 75lbs, and Kona is 68lbs! - That's a lot of pooch!)

I can't wait for the next installment of "Duncan on the Prowl."

CJ said...

Curt that's just plain cruel. ;)

Murphy's Mom said...

A great catch! What a clever boy D is! Murphy has been on bunny patrol lately too. He used to see them out the window at night and growl like they were his arch enemies. They have become bolder this summer and come out in daylight and flaunt their soft smelly tummies at him. He longs, he sniffs the wind and tugs on the lead....oh the agony of it all!