Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Duncan and I were recently awarded the Brillante blog award by Kelly at Property of Kelly. She's an old friend, a talented artist and the person who convinced me blogging would be good for me. If you haven't checked out her blog or shop, you should do so immediately! While you're there, buy a cool card and send it to me. It made me quite happy to know that these writings, which were originally intended as a means of sharpening my craft, a kind of warm-up exercise before the marathon that I hope will result in first my novel, have merited this kind of acknowledgment among the kindest, most supportive readers I never dreamed I'd find. You're all very sharp and attentive, which has driven me to write carefully and with great consideration and so this award is dedicated to you as much to me.

The rules of accepting the award are:

1) Put the logo on your blog.
2) Add a link to the person who awarded you.
3) Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
4) Add links to those blogs on yours.
5) Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs.

It may seem easy enough but it's quite challenging to consider the blogs I read every day, the ones I love and cherish. I don't want to leave anyone out!

But here they are, in no particular order:

Greg at The Midnight Garden, whose attention to his little green patch and its glorious details is astounding. He understands the importance of balance, dedication and mindfulness like few people I know. A fine blog and a fine man!

Lori at Fermented Fur, who keeps me laughing all the time, understands the beauty and poetry to be found in sharing your life with dogs and is open to all the lessons the universe has to offer.

Valerie at My Boo Bear, who shares the joy and wonder she discovers daily with her Joey. She is kind-hearted, generous of spirit and seems to look at the world with the fresh eyes of her delightful companion who is still discovering so much.

Lori, at Life is Golden, who has had a challenging few months but has never lost her determination and love of life. Her companions, Dakota and Lilly, her cat and husband, Brian, are quite lucky to have her in their lives.

Sue at Random Ramblings, who has a taste for life that is unmatched. Always on the go, looking for new and exciting places to visit and experiences to have, this woman is unstoppable.

CJ at It's a Ruff, Ruff World, who takes the most exquisite pictures of his companions, Lucy and Sable. CJ is a master photographer and is dedicated to the well-being if his friends.

Murphy's Mom at Red Dog Romping, who despite not having posted for a while (AHEM!) is able to capture the joy and pampered leisure of her Golden, Murphy.

Anne at Charlie!, who understands the innocence and enormity Charlie's heart. She is careful and attentive to him and has celebrated every aspect of his life from the moment she and Charlie were brought together back in 2004.

Chris at Mackenzie Speaks, whose witty observations about dog thoughts keep me laughing. Not only his the writing charming but his pictures capture the utter freedom and celebration of Golden Retrievers.

It is people like these whose care and generosity give me hope for humanity. My grandmother taught me that we need to pay special attention to the needs of children and animals because they can not speak for themselves. It is easy to be a guardian or an owner (a despicable word!), but it takes so much more to be a friend and actually earn the love our companions give us unconditionally each day. If I've left you off the list I apologize. Please don't believe for one moment I think any less of your dedication. You are all wonderful people who care for wonderful dogs. Thank you for enriching my life and my walks with Duncan!


Greg said...

"Brillante", huh? Aww, shucks. Thanks, Curt.

As I've mentioned before, the true rewards of blogging are the people you "meet" with the doing. It's as much a pleasure to read "While Walking Duncan" as it is to tend the garden.

Sue said...

Oh my gosh, I am truly honored...

Where to start? First of all, I'd like to thank the Academy, my supporting cast, and all the little people that made this possible.

Seriously, Curt, this was really cool of you - and I am truly honored!

Just from your descriptions of Valerie (Caboval) and me, it sounds like you know us both pretty well. I wish we were all neighbors!

Thanks again for including me in this, it really made my day!

caboval said...

CURT! You little sugar! Thank you so much for these kind words! You seem to know me like I have gotton to know you! Thank you thank you (Joey loves you too!)

Chris & Mackenzie said...

We're not worthy! We're not worthy!

THANK YOU (and Duncan) for enriching our lives! We're touched that you would include us in such a wonderful grouping of people and pups.

Looking forward to reading that novel...


Chris & Mackenzie

Lori said...

But, such pressure! I don't think I regularly READ 7 blogs! I'll try, though!

Benji said...

Yip! Bark, bark, bark. Ruff, ruff.

CJ said...

Say what? Thanks for the compliments. I do love my girls more than I ever thought I would.
But I can't express it in any other ways than my photos really. Now if I were a poet, with a beautful way with words, as you are Curt it would be a different blog.
thanks again!

Lori said...

Thank you so much. I very much enjoy your blog and am blessed to know that sharing the ups and downs of my little corner of the world has made a difference in yours.

Murphy's Mom said...

Hello Sweet Man and Beast! I am tickled you saw fit to bestow this honor on me and my baby who inspires it all. I HAS been too long since I wrote. Thanks for noticing and encouraging. I will accept the honor of the award as soon as I can fulfill the requirements.
Love and Dog Kisses

Charlie said...

Thanks, Curt, for the nice words and for turning us on to some other wonderful blogs!
- Anne & Charlie