Friday, January 4, 2008

Simplicity Blessing

There are nights when the sky is so open and the stars so clear that no words can describe them. Duncan and I played on the packed snow with our friend Erik and his two dogs, Otis and Gracie, and even though I had fun sliding down the hill on my belly, my arms out wide beside me, the air cold on my knees and around my ankles, the dogs clambering all around me, trying to drown me between their warm bodies and the snow , I could not stop looking skyward and thinking silent thoughts of thanks that I was given the chance to be outside and part of the pack. There are no words to describe the feel of twelve tiny and some not so tiny feet pawing at your back as Mars rises above you and three feather-shaped clouds waft slowly across the eastern sky. An ordinary night made magical by friendship and heavenly light. We are blessed by the simplicity we so often overlook.


NodakJack said...

If you think it's should freeze your nostrils around these parts, Curtle. At least once anyway.

Erik said...

I feel like a celeb! I got a mention on a blog! :) Now, when I get my own category, I'll know I've made it big time! :) Otis & Gracie enjoyed themselves. Let me know when you want company again.