Thursday, January 3, 2008


The world is turning.

I have been patient, watching the skies shift, The Big Dipper overturning above the northern horizon, Scorpio creeping up the south eastern edge of the darkness. The nights have been so long and it seems forever since Duncan and I have felt the sunset on our faces as we walked, but tonight as Mars tracked us, red and brilliant above us, I realized we are slowly, almost imperceptibly reclaiming the days, turning the nights over to the southerners. It's hardly noticeable, and when it is, you still have to squint to see it, but the days are growing longer and soon the snow will retreat as the planet spins back in our favor. Mornings and birdsong will arrive before our eyes are open, our bare feet will play in the grass as we weave it between our toes and the scent of Russian Olives will carry on the breeze. It's a long way off and foolish to look so far forward, running the risk of overlooking what's before me now, but who doesn't know that anticipation is most of the fun.

I will not wish my days away. I will not forsake Duncan's joy at throwing himself head first into a drift, but I can still dream about the Spring.

The days are getting longer and five o'clock is no longer dark. It's coming and I need plenty of time to enjoy my dreams.


amc said...

Every day when I take my kids to school I watch the sun be incrementaly higher over the top of one building. Thank you for so beautifuly expressing what I feel in this longest month.

NodakJack said...

Every morning when I arise early, I cast a glance toward the sky and observe the disappearing ORION. That's good news because it means winter is fleeing and spring is coming. Orion is MY favorite constellation. It's huge, mighty and mysterious. But, it's cold too.