Sunday, January 6, 2008

Everything Except Walk

Duncan's spirit is the spirit of a tree, joyful and great, reaching ever outward and upward, mingling with the wind, rejoicing in the snow, as bright and loud as Spring.

Our walk this morning in the park was joyful, despite the slush and mud. The sky alone was enough to bring us happiness, but we had each other and dancing and sliding on our bellies to tend to. Duncan investigated every tree we passed, sniffing out their trunks for squirrels or other dogs and I had their glorious boughs and branches to marvel at. There are times when his constant investigation of them is trying, but this morning we found a mutual appreciation for them and neither of us minded paying them the attention they deserve.
We can learn a great from a tree if only we'd stop and listen. As Alice Walker said, "Us sing and dance, make faces and give flower bouquets, trying to be loved. You ever notice that trees do everything to git attention we do, except walk?"

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