Monday, January 28, 2008

Animal Control

Jocelyn, at Jefferson County Animal Control, was a friendly enough person, efficient, courteous, pleasant to talk to and because of that I'm sure absolutely nothing will come my call. I logged a complaint against the owners of the shepherds this morning and was told an officer would patrol the park three times this week during the hours I specified, but somehow or another I still don't feel quite safe. In fact, we avoided the park altogether tonight, opting, instead, to romp down at The Glen with a nice fat stick which I keep on the shelf and take down only on special occasions.

Now that Rush at the school is over and I'll be getting home earlier, though, I'm hoping we can avoid them altogether. As I said last week to Duncan, it's not the dogs I fear, it's the people, and based on the way the man responded to my reminder that the park requires dogs to be on a leash at all times, I'm sure our next exchange won't be quite as pleasant. Especially if they're ticketed.

Think good thoughts for us and hope they just go somewhere else.

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