Monday, January 21, 2008

Quiet Adventure

Words freeze in the air, caught along with my breath and waft away before the sound can catch them. Thoughts freeze, too, along with toes and fingers and ears and cheeks and the tiny little places between gloves and coat-sleeves, boots and cuffs. Where do Duncan's rabbits and my little birds go on nights when I can't bear to be out, when nothing moves, not even the snow? It's hard to find tranquility when your body can't stop shaking and all you can think about is curling up on the couch, a hot cup of tea in your hand and a red dog resting his head on your slippers? I want to walk and Duncan wants to walk but neither of us want to do it on a night like tonight. I think I'll make popcorn instead and continue reading Now is the Hour by Tom Spanbauer, another former Idahoan, whose writing I love. I think I'll open a can of Duncan's favorite organic food, Brats and Tots, and give him a little treat. I think Winnie and Pip will curl up on my lap and Olive will continue to sleep and grow fat on Ken's pillow. I think this is all the adventure we'll have tonight, and that's okay, because sometimes quiet adventures are just as important as traveling ones.


Kelly Medina said...

Winnie take this picture?

Amber said...

Aww...what a good picture! I'm sure you'll have no trouble staying warm with Duncan on your lab:)

Amber said...

oops, meant lap...obviously