Sunday, May 29, 2011

Maybe Tomorrow

Duncan rolls almost constantly now. He's always been fond of rolling in the grass, especially when it's wet and he's just had a bath, but now that he's mastered the command he can't seem to get enough of it. When we're practicing his tricks and he gets very excited he has a tendency to do them all at once. For instance, if I ask him "Who do you love?" the correct response is a short series of barks that sound like "I love you," but sometimes he gets carried away and will offer a high five, then a bow, then he'll lay down, jump up, bow again then up the ante by giving me ten instead of the usual five. He's now started throwing in a roll or two for good measure. He's quite the master.

Except when someone else is around or the camera is on. He'll roll and roll for the fun of it, but the minute I give the command with the camera ready to go, or even acknowledge that he's rolling as a means of marking the command, he stops.

See what I mean?

We'll keep trying. Maybe tomorrow.

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