Tuesday, May 31, 2011

To the Missus


You don't know me, but knowing Christian, and loving him as I do, I'm sure I would instantly fall in love with you. He is a good man, one of the first truly GOOD men I met in my life. His smiling face was one of the first to greet me as I walked across campus at Lake Forest College alone for the first time. His was one I sought out in crowds before we were officially introduced. He was someone who radiated warmth and kindness and generosity and all the things I sought out in people and wanted to improve in myself. I love him very much.

It has been a joy to reconnect with him after all these years on Facebook and I'm looking forward to the day when I can see him again and receive one of his famous hugs, hear that musical laugh of his and see that lop-sided, open-hearted smile he wears. I would do anything for him.

Which is why I'm writing. He recently discovered my blog, While Walking Duncan, a little outpost I keep on the internet that is dedicated almost solely to my Golden Retriever, Duncan. Duncan is my best friend, my rock, my guide and mentor, everything and more you could ever want in a dog. Christian mentioned that he wanted one too and playfully suggested I try to sell you on the idea of letting him have one.

So here I go: you know all those things you love about Christian? his smile and the way he dances and the sound of his voice, the depth of his empathy for others, his sheer, unabashed exuberance for life and all those other things for which we haven't invented words? That is what a Golden will bring you, and even more importantly, that's what it will bring to him.

Several years ago I wrote this post, "After," which, I believe, captures the importance of sharing your life with a Golden, the magic and adventure they can bring to it, as well as the quiet and comfort where salvation hides. Your life can only be improved, your love strengthened, not just for one another, but for the world and all the creatures which share it with us.

Christian is probably the most Golden-like person I have ever known. You are blessed, indeed, to have him in yours. Now go find another to share it with.

Thanks for humoring me by reading this little message. I hope you are well, that you are happy, that you are unable to count your blessings because their number is greater than all the stars in the sky.


Curt Rogers


Di and Barney said...

How beautiful. If I didn't have my Westie, Barney, nor my crazy Pointer mix, Elle, I believe you have me convinced I should have gotten a Golden. I hope Sheri and Christian meet in the middle on this one....

Lori said...

When you were describing Christian, I thought, "Wow! He sounds like a Golden!" Yes, Sheri would fall in love with a golden in the family! And I don't say that for just anybody. Goldens are particular dogs, needing a certain amount of attention and devotion. But they give it all back a thousandfold.