Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Do you remember on Sesame Street, way back in the early days, when Mr. Hooper was still alive, long before Elmo, before Kermit had broadened his horizons and met Miss Piggy and Fozie, when John John used to play with Grover? Back then, Mr. Snuffleupagus wandered the means streets of the hood and Big Bird was his only friend. They spent hours together playing games behind Oscar's can and hanging out in the alley where Big Bird slept in his enormous nest. The only trouble was no one else ever saw him. Every time people approached, Snuffy got shy and wandered away leaving Big Bird confused and frustrated because his friends didn't believe him and were actually convinced that the enormous, talking, hairy elephant was all a figment of their friend's imagination.

That is how I'm starting to feel about Duncan's new trick. He'll do it in the park, he'll do it in The Glen, he even did it last night in the living room before Ken got home, but he simply will not roll over for anyone other than myself. To date he has done it dozens of times (and gotten fat on the blueberry Pumpkin Crunchers he gets as a reward, I might add) and yet I'm the only one who has seen it. I've praised him up and down and we've practiced it endlessly, but he simply won't perform except for an audience of one.

That is a firm "NO" at the end there.

He is a butt, but with a face a like that, I don't think he cares.

Like I said, maybe tomorrow. After all, eventually the whole gang on The Street did finally meet and embrace Snuffy, vindicating Big Bird and setting the world right again.

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Berts Blog said...

Hey Duncan,

Just poppin by to say hi. I enjoy your blog. Such neat pictures too.