Saturday, June 7, 2008

His First Film!

Duncan has always been a pretty quick learner. In fact, at his very first obedience class his instructor decided to skip the beginning lessons and move him up to the advanced course. He excelled and we still work on "tricks" all the time. His latest, which we're still perfecting, and doesn't come out as well as I'd hoped in the video, is a response to a question. Sometimes he nails it dead on, sometimes he just barks, and sometimes he just runs through every "trick" he knows. But stay tuned because one of these days you'll hear it very clearly.

*I apologize for the poor video quality. There's only so much my phone can do!


Greg said...

I guess that's not bad quality, for a cell phone! What a good boy!!

Lori said...

So now I've gotten to hear Duncan's voice, too! What a precious boy!!!

CJ said...

What a good boy. My girls won't speak to me. :(
Glad you are out and about now.