Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Waiting without Knowing

I had to leave work unexpectedly today, but only for a few minutes late in the morning. It wasn't anything I planned and didn't expect to be gone long. It only takes six or seven minutes to drive home and the time away from my dark desk was a welcome relief. The sky was blue, my jacket was entirely unnecessary, and the streets were wet and clean from our melting snow.

As I pulled into the parking lot and up to my building I saw a familiar flash of red in the window, standing on the sill in my bedroom as though he'd been expecting me all morning, his tongue hanging out, his tail striking the glass.

How Roo knew I was coming home I'll never know. I do know that he got a ton of love and a quick walk in the snow before I had to leave.

It's unexpected moments like these that we both seem to live for.

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jiorji said...

oh they know! they always do. When i was younger, my aunt had a little dog and this one time she came first and her husband came after and the dog and her were in the apartment with us and all of a sudden the dog got up and went right at the door. 5 minutes later, my uncle knocks on the door. Strange eh?