Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Two Sides

Duncan has become quite the determined hunter since we've started exploring The Run, which is both squirrel and bunny-laden. He even stalks the small gray birds which mind their own business as they hop and chirp among the low growing shrubs. Dunc charges ahead of me, leaping through the bushes, snapping at the birds, rousting the squirrels and scattering the rabbits. He's the rudest alarm clock imaginable.

This morning he sniffed out a squirrel lazing on someone's patio and chased it first up the air-conditioning unit, where the poor thing realized it was completely exposed and vulnerable. As Duncan sprang forward the squirrel leapt over his head, caught itself on the screen door and scampered all the way to the top where it screamed and chittered a litany of curses at us. Duncan couldn't squeeze through the bars on the patio but was content to sit and pace and pant and torment the poor thing until I caught up to him and pulled him back. No sooner had he turned away than he was barking up another tree at four squirrels.
I watched him watch them and was amazed at his attention. It's like I'm not there, like nothing in the world is there, just the tree and the squirrels and the light catching his coat. He is a remarkable creature, so tender and quiet as he cuddles against me in bed, then so fierce and determined moments later when he's outside, oblivious to all but his prey.
I could watch him for hours.


Miguel said...

I'm always amazed how my Duncan & Tristan they can focus on something (when they want to) and ignore everything else, including such enticing things as cookies, popcorn and hot dogs!

caboval said...

LOL! Thats just like Joey and his l i z a r d s! Hugs Joey and Kealani

Traci said...

Chloe used to sit just like that by one of the trees in my old yard. It always amazed me, because the squirrel she chased up it was long gone, but there she sat, waiting. That's how she earned her nickname, "The Sentinel".

Great picture of Duncan. Love it.

Lori said...

We have pictures of Ripley like that! Up north, he'd chase a squirrel up the tree, the critter would stand up there and laugh at him for a while, then vanish. He'd sit and stare up like that forEVER, not knowing the squirrel leaped across a branch and is now in the next county!

Karen said...

Ahh ~ To live so "In the moment." Captivating photographs!