Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sliding from Dreams

I have strange dreams. Last week it was a Dickensian Christmas Carol nightmare and last night it was about the new season of the television show "Lost." My dreams are all over the place and almost all of them are extremely vivid. Typically they follow a linear path and have a very strong narrative. It must be the writer in me, directing and guiding them in as plausible a direction as I can.

When Duncan dreams he whines, soft little cottony sounds that come from the front of his throat. And like most dogs he kicks his hind legs as he chases dream bunnies over grassy and sunny dreamscapes. Last night, though, he curled up beside me in bed but rather than kick and whine his body stiffened up and elongated as though he was trying to reach from the headboard all the way down to the foot. I stroked his paw and kissed him on the cheek but he kept at it all night.

We awoke to another gorgeous morning with a bright blue sky and a startlingly warm sun shining in the windows of my apartment. Duncan and I ambled down the stairs and around the corner to the start of our trail and I knew almost immediately what he'd been dreaming about all night.
While I'd been dreaming about television, he'd spent the entire night reliving yesterday's escapades on the ice, planning new and exciting moves. I stood by for nearly an hour and watched him jog up the hill, spin and slide down, his body taut and straight, his paws out before him like Superman. Then back up he'd jog to do the whole thing over again. I was chilled and hungry and hadn't had my morning tea, but for the life of me, I could not imagine taking the sliding smile from his lovely face.


Scout 'n Freyja said...

We wants our snow to come back to our house! You look so cool and comfy and relaxed.

Charlie said...

I know he's 5, but what a kid!! :)

jiorji said...

dear god why, WHY is there no video of that?? hahah awww it's so cute that he was dreaming about it

caboval said...

Yes yes! We must get some video of that!!!!! Huugs Joey and Kealani

Sierra Rose said...

Ah sweet Duncan! Love that snow play.

Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
Sierra Rose