Thursday, November 6, 2008

Walk On

It feels as though we've been walking and walking and walking some more, from afternoons when the sun was hot and it was easy to raise a sweat just by breathing, to these cold days when the wind has lifted the leaves from the trees and scattered them in a raucous chorus across the yellowed grass. But, as I've always claimed, the destination would be nothing without the journey.

Over these past few months I have made friends and shared experiences I'm unsure would've been possible without the journey of this election and the reward of its historic outcome. My faith in mankind has been elevated and I will never forget those jubilant moments just after Barack Obama's name was announced as our 44th president. I will take that memory with me on many journeys and I'm sure each of you will do the same. It is important, crucial even, that we never forget how we felt at that moment, like the door had swung open, light had been let in and all the promises of our country were made real.

If there's one thing I've learned from walking with Duncan it's that no matter how satisfying a walk can be, how utterly fulfilling and joyous it is, there is another waiting just beyond it, full of the same unknowing and challenges as each of its predecessors. Duncan demands we keep walking and despite weary legs or a tired spirit, blistering heat or painful cold, I take him out and we walk again, not always with the same result, but rarely without reward. Duncan knows with his special wisdom that there can be no destination without a journey, and we must apply that same knowledge to our new government. As Obama said in his acceptance speech on Tuesday night, this election was never about him, it was about us. He did not elect himself and he will accomplish nothing without our assistance. So, in these days of celebration and excitement, I call on each of you to search your soul and find one issue that is of special significance to you––be it health care or equal pay, the environment, education or gay rights––and never stop walking until you reach a destination that brings you comfort and peace of mind. Write your senators and congressmen, join a group, educate yourself, speak and speak until your voice is hoarse and then speak some more, and do everything in your power to make your vision a reality. Do not stop until you've reached the world you've always wanted to live in. Walk on.

"If you're walking down the right path and you're willing to keep walking,
eventually you'll make progress." (Barack Obama)


Sue said...

2012 - Curt for President! (Dunc for Vice Pup)

caboval said...

Ha ha! I agree! Curt for president! Duncan VP! Hey that hat looks familiar!
Hugs, Valerie joey and Kealani

Curt Rogers said...

What a sharp eye you have, Val! That is indeed the hat you and Sue sent me earlier this Fall. It's the ONLY hat I've worn since your magical package arrived. My outfit was carefully chosen, from my VOTE t-shirt to the Golden hat. Thanks for being a part if it! And thanks for making a difference in the world.

CJ said...

That is one sweet picture Curt.

Greg said...

"Do not stop until you've reached the world you've always wanted to live in."

Thank you, my friend! I've missed visiting you here...and look forward to returning for regular visits again, as I get accustomed to the new computer and new life and all that.

Aren't you worried, with Dunc as VP, that he'll get all Cheney on you and turn into your puppetmaster? ; ) I bet those big brown eyes could make you do just about anything...