Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Many Stars

My friend Lori, who writes the blog Fermented Fur, said farewell to her much-loved Golden Retriever, Sprocket, yesterday. She and her husband Tom were with him as he crossed The Bridge, and we all know in our hearts that their companion Ripley, who crossed two years ago, was with Sprocket, guiding him across.

Last night I'd promised Lori I'd give Duncan extra love, so I took him to the park after the sun had set, just as the sky was in that inbetween place, like when you're half awake and half asleep, when dreams seem more real than reality and reality as magical as dreaming. We stood on the low hill overlooking the willow where Lori and I stood with Duncan just a few weeks ago. I watched the stars blink awake and when I squatted down to Duncan, taking his paw in my hand to whisper a blessing for Sprocket, the southern sky before us flashed for a moment and when I looked up I saw a shooting star burning brightly, flaring once and then fading down low on the horizon, fiery dust trailing after it.

"Your beautiful boy is racing with Ripley," I wrote Lori. "And all the skies of the universe are their playground. Please find peace in that thought and know that you, Tom and the rest of the pack are greatly loved. Many stars shine down on you tonight as many people hold you in their hearts."

If you get a moment, please stop by and offer your words to Lori and Tom. There is no such thing as too much kindness and at a time like this I know they could use it.


Lori said...

Thank you, Curt. And also thank you for indulging a somewhat inebriated grieving dog-mom last night, too! Tom should've hidden my phone. Going to cut out of work after lunch today, and hang out with Brody, Ozark and Darwin.

Anonymous said...

Curt, what a dear friend you are to Lori. Your words are beautiful also I cried while reading them. Sprocket boy was special, as they all are, and he will be missed dearly.
Thanks for being there for Lori.
The "boys" Auntie T

caboval said...

Yes Curt I tried earlier to read her post and I couldnt do it thru my tears! I have to gather my courage to log onto to her again to send her some love. I had to hug my own two as I am so blessed right now! Ok Im going right now. Hugs, Val Joey Kealani