Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thank You

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Unlike it's more ostentatious cousins it asks very little of us, only that we gather together and honor the bounties of our lives. We're not required to wrap our houses in increasingly obnoxious light displays. We don't have send boxes of pilgrim hat-shaped chocolates to our loved ones. Nothing explodes in the skies. We need merely pause and be grateful for whatever gifts, however large or small, have been bestowed on us.

I try to give thanks every day, letting the people I love know how much they mean to me, sharing whatever goodwill I have with the people who enter my life, turning my face into the sun and thanking it for its warmth. But this year, on this day I am especially thankful for
  • the voice of the American people for rejecting incompetence and finally selecting a leader who will help this nation fully realize its potential and promise (all while speaking full, clear, grammatically correct sentences).
  • Ken, for working as hard as he does, making the tremendous sacrifices he has and being the person I most want to share my life with.
  • Kevi's courage and perseverance throughout this difficult and lesson-filled year. She does not know how much her strength and patience have inspired me.
  • the many new friends I've made because of the places Duncan has led me and the experiences we've shared.
  • butterflies and honey bees, which were scarce in my part of the world this year, but whose rare and sudden appearances reminded me that there is tremendous power contained in the smallest and least likely of places.
  • Homemade honey maple yo-Curt with almond Kashi for breakfast.
  • The lake at Chatfield where Duncan learned to love the water.
  • the Magic Feathers and all the people who sent them to me, which I collected last year (and will soon ask for again), which reminded me of the courage I already possess but occasionally forget.
  • David, for calling me "kiddo" and being such a generous and sincere mentor.
  • Mom and Casey for coming to Denver in my hour of need, keeping me busy and making me laugh and look at the world through new eyes.
  • the scent of the Russian Olives and the Linden trees, the memory of which is forgiveness for winter's bite.
  • the poetry of Mary Oliver.
  • the precious memories of Thanksgivings past, spent with April and Ken in Round Lake, making vast quantities of good food, playing Risk, holding hands and saying the blessing.
  • the rabbits, which keep Duncan occupied on our walks and allow him to be the dog he truly is.
  • Tom Spanbauer for writing Now is The Hour and the line, "The only thing that keeps us from floating off with the wind is our stories."
  • The song, "For What It's Worth" by Buffaloe Springfield, which had particular meaning for me this Fall.
  • The music of Duncan's voice when asked, "Who do you love" and he replies, "I love you."
  • Chelsea for being the responsible, socially and environmentally-aware business owner she is, and for Hero's Pets, the best damn store west of the Mississippi.
  • Brady, for his excitement and enthusiasm in learning that participation is another form of patriotism, as well as teaching me to play Guitar Hero.
  • My dad and Jane for a memorable day together last August, the first such day in over eight years.
  • Rabio Lab on NPR.
  • Oberon, my grand oak tree at Lake Forest College, standing watch over the edge of the quad, and the long winding staircase Jen and I climbed countless times to the top of Carnagie Hall there, to sit and talk, or not, and watch the stars climb over Lake Michigan.
  • Winnie's soft weight on my hip in the morning, Pip suffering species identification problems and thinking he's a dog, Olive's enormous owl eyes batting at me from her roost on Ken's pillow in the morning.
  • and, as always, A.A. Milne, who wrote, "And by and by Christopher Robin came to the end of things, and he was silent, and he sat there, looking out over the world, just wishing it wouldn't stop."

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Sue said...

A wonderful post Curt. It seems we both have a lot to be thankful for this year.

Thanksgiving is one of my very favorites days too, and the best moment from yesterday was sitting at the table with the people I love most in the world and listening as we went around the table telling what we are most thankful for...It really warms my heart.