Tuesday, September 23, 2008


It was a perfect night, perfect because the lake's surface was more smooth than I've seen it in months, glassy and clear, moving only because of the fat fish breaching its surface in search of flying, buzzing dinner; moving because of the squadrons of mallards which glided down from the pink sky and slid into it effortlessly, their voices a greater cacophony than their delicate touchdowns; moving only as the light moved in the west, the day's final blush rising and falling across it like the color on the cheeks of a little girl in love. Duncan marched at my side, head high, his eyes bright with sundown, his tongue pink and languid at its corner. The darting bugs, fighting, it seemed, not to alight on our bodies, but in our eyes and the corners of our mouths, did not even trouble us. The air was clean and clear, the day and night only just beginning to trade places, their meeting and parting embrace colored in cinnamon.

A perfect night in every way until we reached the hill at the edge of high school practice fields, where the silence and stillness were broken by

Please remember the first of the presidential debates is on Friday night. If you won't be home to watch, make sure you tape it. It's too important to miss! If you can, host a debate party and watch it with your friends, family and neighbors. Order a few pizzas, drink beer and wine and discuss what you can do as a community to help win this election!


Anonymous said...

Great Tail Wagging News:

Obama/Biden team is starting to pull ahead in key battleground states including Colorado!! The race is still very tight.

If you have registered yet to vote, now is the time!!
Here's the link for 50-state information and forms:


Dog Lovers for Obama/Biden 2008

Sue said...

Another awesome post Curt. I love your little commentary too, you cracked me up!

thorngren said...

I enjoy your romantic outlook on life. I hope you don't mind that I put you on my favorite list on my blog.

caboval said...

Oh Lord have mercy!

Greg said...

Stop hating on the band!! : )

Love to join you and Duncan for a walk sometime...it sounds lovely down there by the lake...and I've always been a fan of distant percussion, especially if there's a xylophone...

; )

lisa said...

You are too funny. Well, really that's not possible is it?

I thought only toddlers were allowed to play xylophones. Yikes.

Anonymous said...

Catching up on all your great posts!! Missed reading your post lately as I have been so busy.

I gave you an award as I truly do love your blog.


Anonymous said...

great posts, even if you keep picking on the poor high schoolers not cool enough for anything other than the marching band! :) These definately keep me busy.