Monday, September 22, 2008

Political Monday: The Truth

It's become quite obvious (even to ABC News, who couldn't find the news if it ran over them with a Mack truck) especially over the course of the past week, that John McCain is either a) completely off his rocker and has no idea what's going on; or b) a self-serving liar who's in bed with big oil, big Washington lobbyists and the men who've held our country hostage for the past eight years. First he claimed the fundamentals of the economy were just fine, then he got all fired up and demanded greater governmental regulation, the very thing he's spent his entire career in the senate arguing against. Just last week one of his most trusted economic advisers (and former CEO of Hewlett-Packard) went on MSNBC and claimed that not only could Sarah Palin not manage a large corporation, but neither could John McCain. John McCain has been all over the map lately, so much so that many of his own supporters, including evangelical leaders, are calling him unprincipled as they turn against him. He's continually lied about Barack Obama in his campaign ads, so much so that even Karl Rove jumped in and said the senator had gone too far. He even appeared confused as to where Spain was and whether or not the Spanish are our allies (they are!). The last week has not been kind to John McCain but we must remember the last eight years have been far worse for many Americans (who lack health care, educational opportunities, jobs, homes and retirement). McCain is finally revealing how little he knows, how ill-prepared he and his running mate are to lead us, and how ready Americans are for change.

Please, now, more than ever, we must all educate ourselves and act, not for personal benefit, but for the benefit of our children and grandchildren, the sick, the forgotten, those who are less fortunate. John McCain is the wrong choice. We all know it, even they know it, and even though it's easy to let fear dissuade us, we must hold firm, we must reach out and offer guidance, set an example, we must not be afraid. Barack Obama can not win this election alone. We must all work together to win it. Speak with others, offer them sources of information. If they talk about taxes, show them this link and explain how 95% of Americans will save money under Obama's tax plan. Do not sit idly by. Voting is your civic duty, but becoming an informed voter is an ethical one. Please share everything here and on trusted news sources (such as NPR) with your friends, family and neighbors, especially those who don't share your beliefs. They are the ones we need to reach. More than ever they need to understand the truth.


Greg said...

Curt, thank you! I've been out of the news habit recently, what with transferring services, painting, setting up house, etc...and you have reminded me that now that I'm moved in, I need to get myself registered for voting...

...thank you for adding your voice of reason to the audible fray this autumn!

Anonymous said...

Great blog!! Thanks Curt and Duncan. You guys are the best : )

For anyone who is not registered yet, now is the time!! The race is tight.
Here's the link:

Let's turn Colorado and the rest of the county blue for Obama and Biden!


Cheyanne the Golden and her person

P.S. American Humane Society just endorsed Obama and Biden. Check it out!

Thoughts said...

RIGHT ON. I agree with you 100% about McCain.

I love your blog, I just found it. Great job here.