Wednesday, September 10, 2008

"... Put lipstick on a pig, it's still a pig."

There are many, many reasons not to vote for John McCain and Sarah Palin this November such as their positions on education, health care and the war, just to name a few, but I wanted to share one which only recently came to my attention. My friend, Greg, at The Midnight Garden, posted a clip about this last week and I was reminded of it again this afternoon by another friend. As you watch, look at those faces––really look at them. Do they seem that much different from the animal companions in your own life?

Perhaps politics are best left to other, more appropriately suited blogs, but as the election draws nearer I have to ask myself, are we really better off now than we were eight years ago? The woman I spoke with today who has no health insurance would certainly say no. The vet I met downtown last week who was missing both legs and a fair portion of his cheek would certainly agree that we are not. I ask each of you to sit down and consider that maybe this election is about more than your own well-being, that perhaps we need to look beyond ourselves and make some changes for the betterment of others. If nothing else, look for guidance in the faces of those who have no voice, the children, the forgotten and the animals.

We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.
(Native American proverb)

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Marty said...

Right on!!!!!

Not only have I supported Obama for years--long before he was a Senator of any kind, I utterly reject the Bush/McCain/Palin ticket.

In the past, I've respected John McCain. I believe when he was a young man he loved this country and he did not betray it when he was a young man.

He waited until he was an old man to sell this country out and betray this country. He waited until his personal ambition to become President overwhelmed his love of country. In his old age, he made a deal with the devil to attempt to win at any cost by appealing to the far right wing idealogues and religious zealots.

The night I watched Palin's "acceptance" speech, I wrote my first check to the Obama campaign and I'll keep writing them. And, I'll vote!

traci said...

Thanks for posting this! This video is horrible and I can't believe that this practice is accepted. It's deeply depressing how little regard some people have for the gifts of nature.

I'm going to Indiana next weekend for Obama. It is more critical than ever that he be elected.

Greg said...

It's a shame to have such video anywhere near your precious Duncan, a shame that his distant cousins have to know such pain. Thank you for posting it, though...we need as many people to know about Palin as we possible.

Cheryl said...

You should have warned me about content. I've long been a wolf supporter and that was totally heart wrenching. Thanks for the "eye popper" (I think)

nodakjack said...

Though a great disrespector of "their" side...I am now adamantly against these low-lifes. You can put lipstick on an unsportsmanlike outdoorsman, but he/she's still a PIG.
This practice is not new to the world, or my consciousness, (having been raised in a part of the world that loves blood-letting of our natural friends,) but, the video has re-enforced the anger.
Thanks, son.