Thursday, June 26, 2008

Water World

Something was terribly wrong with the fountain in the park this evening. It's not a spectacular fountain as far as fountains go, but for some reason it couldn't seem to manage to do its job very well. Rather than offering ten or twelve jets that shoot up six or seven feet, it just sort of spat water out in a single frothy, burping mess which resulted in a churning, foaming pool that laid claim to much of the courtyard in which it sits as the centerpiece.

I didn't have a lot of time this afternoon as I had tickets to attend Sondheim's musical Company. As I was leashing Duncan up I told him, "We can't be out long so you better make this adorable." And although he had nothing to do with the condition of the fountain (although I wouldn't be surprised if Pip and Olive weren't the masterminds behind the entire affair), Dunc certainly delivered. From the moment we stumbled across it he was intrigued.
But once he figured out he was safe and could even have fun, there was no stopping him.

You might say he even got a little carried away.

Remind you of anything?

Eventually, after the chum has dispersed and things returned to normal, he was able to frolic and play and even joined several small children in splashing and cavorting.

Adorable indeed. And I wasn't even late for my show!


Greg said...

Water is always fun this time of year! I hope you weren't too late for the show, though!

I was reading this thinking, "So, Curt doesn't have as much time as always, so he lets Duncan get TOTALLY soaked. Hmmm." You just don't LIKE Sondheim, do you?

: )

Curt Rogers said...

Oh, but I LOVED the show!!! Wonderful!

There was a point during the soaking where I thought, "I probably shouldn't be doing this an hour before curtain call" but what the hell! I managed to dry Dunc off, make a pasta salad, a fresh batch of Yo-Curt and get dressed all in time!

The only thing the show lacked was a Golden Retriever!

Lori said...

Way cool! He's getting over that water phobia, no? SUCH fun!

caboval said...

So happy to see Duncan playing with the water! Joey does the same thing with water...he trys to bite it!

Cheryl said...

Curt good for you and Duncan. Pass on my message to Duncan, please. HOO-RAH Duncan Doodle! Grammie is so proud of you. Playing in water is serious stuff (ask about Uncle Skeeter and diving).