Monday, June 2, 2008

Oh, the Trees!

It's no fun, this being sick during my favorite time of the year. I can see the Russian Olives--God bless the Russian Olives!––blooming outside and I know the air is slowly being filled by their sweet, buttery fragrance. Their leaves are the softest shade of green, an almost-not-green green, like green erased or bleached by the sun and the blossoms––so tiny––are a dusty yellow and could easily be overlooked if they didn't smell so unbelievably delicious. The Russian Olive is Idaho to me, Idaho at the height of my adolescence, Summer nights spent driving up and down Johnny Creek, skirting the foothills with my windows down breathing in that heavy perfume while listening to Poi Dog Pondering or Summertime as sung by Janis Joplin. I cannot miss the Russian Olives! I don't care if my nose refuses to cooperate. I will make it work! Come hell or high water, Duncan and I will be down by the lake tomorrow night, walking and breathing, caught entirely in the moment even as I'm revisiting years and years of my favorite Russian Olive memories. They are the Scent Track of my life.


Greg said...

Oh, no! What a bum time of year to be sick! Feel better soon, though I believe you'll be out there with your russian olives no matter what!

There's no better trip than the time travel that those natural, annuals scents inspire in us! Enjoy!

Duncan's Internet Friend said...

I am forty and just discovered Russian Olives two weeks ago for the first time! They have this incredibly warm inviting aroma. We were driving home from Leland (Michigan) and it made all the driving worthwhile. We caught the tail end of the cherry blossoms - not necessarily a good trade but definitely a compromise!

Marty said...

Just discovered your blog. What a wonderful writer you are!!!!


Curt Rogers said...

Thanks, Marty! What a nice thing to say! I appreciate it!