Sunday, June 15, 2008

A League of Our Own

One of Duncan's friends, Maggie, is the world champion UFO dog. She's a local girl, rescued from the Denver Dumb Friends League who went on to become the winner of the UFO World Cup two years in a row. We've seen her practicing at the park numerous times and run into her occasionally at Heroes, but we've never joined her in her endeavors. The truth of the matter is that I'm a bit intimidated. The one time Duncan played with a Frisbee he confused it for a chew toy and demolished it in about two minutes, punching a hole right through the middle of it and then slowly peeling back all the nice plastic until the thing wouldn't stay aloft if put into orbit aboard the space shuttle. Maggie, obviously, has far more respect for the Frisbee than Duncan. Still, Melissa brought one down to The Glen to toss around with the dogs and I agreed to give it another try. Melissa was quite good at throwing it and put this nice little spin on it so that it seemed to hover in the air at the end of its flight, right above Duncan's nose so that he was able to lean back, tilt his face up and practically inhale the thing. Kona, who's been looking a little paunchy lately, didn't care much, but Duncan ran back and forth for Melissa, retrieving the Frisbee and dropping it at her feet over and over again. When it was my turn to throw I whipped it hard and sent it crashing straight into an Aspen, where it lodged just out of Duncan's reach. He sat under it, tail thumping, head craned back, barking and barking and jumping and jumping, doing little dances I've never seen him do. Melissa and I watched and laughed while Kona, content with the life's simpler, easier pursuits, dug for some mud, which she ate in quiet bliss.

The fault was all mine. I am not destined to have a world champion UFO dog simply because I can't throw. But, now that I know Duncan can dance, we may start working on some new tricks. Who knows, this time next year he may be doing the Funky Chicken with the best of them! The UFO might be out of our league, but Dancing with the Stars may not!

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