Thursday, February 7, 2008


The truth is not many girls visit our apartment. There aren't many guys either for that matter. Ken and I have startlingly sparse social lives outside of those people we know from work. It wasn't always this way, of course. For a time after we moved to Denver I had weekly Sunday night get-togethers that sometimes hosted up to twenty people. But those days are long gone and most of our time at home is spent alone, doting on the kids, eating and sleeping.

Duncan doesn't get to see many women, other than my mother and sister once or twice a year, and Melissa on the occasional play-dates we arrange at The Glen. Other than that his only female contacts come from Winnie and Olive and Kona. I'm not quite sure what he thinks of them, but I think he likes them. So tonight when Summer, my long lost friend from high school, arrived and spent a couple of hours with us, Duncan didn't seem to want to leave her alone, sitting with her on the couch and laying at her feet. I had no idea how comfortable Summer was with that arrangement, being crowded off the couch, taking the occasional foot in the ribs and having a big red dog lay on her jacket, but she handled it gracefully.

Pip is the same way. He adores women. He grew up in Illinois sitting on my friend April's lap. When Jen was here last Fall he wouldn't leave her alone. I think he's a boob man, Pip, crawling up their laps and in their faces, trying to rest against their chests, nuzzling their cheeks, turning up the Charm Volume all the way. Were he a boy he'd be a frat boy and a lady killer, much to the dismay of his two dads.

Winnie, of course, is intensely jealous of all women, looks on them with complete and utter indifference which sometimes borders on brazen contempt. She hardly moved from the couch to investigate Summer, turned her back on her and behaved in that way that makes "Dog People" despise cats. I'm sure she'll take up extra room on my hip tonight just for opening the door to a woman.

And Duncan and Pip will spread out on the bed for allowing her to leave. Boys!


Lori said...

With the exception of Yours Truly, my household is All Boy. I have a husband, had The Boy living here for 18 years till he went off to college, and I learned LONG ago that I much prefer boy dogs. (All the doggie disasters I've had have involved Girl Dogs) I don't know what the dogs' preferences are. Some are more "my" dogs and some are more Tom's... but it doesn't matter because I get to be surrounded by My Boys, and that makes me very happy!
P.S. I do brush the dogs outside in the spring, because you're right, all that soft fluff should NOT go to waste!
Night, Favorite Blog-Guy!

Traci said...

Wasn't Winnie the one who made herself comfortable on my lap, even as I sneezed and sniffled, struggling not to pet her in my cat-induced allergy haze?