Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Award Night

Last night Duncan and I were awarded the I Love You This Much Award from my friend over at the Property of Kelly blog. I can't take all the credit since this blog is, after all, not titled, "While Walking Myself." I'm merely the scribe, the toadie for the star, the guy who keeps his pockets stuffed with Grandma Lucy Treats and doggy poop bags, the guy who does the tossing of toys, as well as their retrieving should they roll under the couch. I'm the guy who readily gives up his spot in bed at night, doesn't mind being pushed off the couch and has a hard time wearing black because of all the fur. I'm a nobody in the process and have made my peace with that. Still, it's nice to get some recognition for my efforts.

Kelly and I have been friends since way back in 1985 when we were young and "Hungry Like the Wolf." While she was a Miami Vice kind of girl, I aspired to be like the people on Dynasty. She's the one responsible for talking me into joining the blog world and is one of the people who joined Team Duncan when we needed support during The Great Yarn Crisis of 2006. She's an amazing person, a terrific artist who is trying to start a freelance business and all 'round great friend. Check out Property of Kelly, find a card you like and send it to me!

She's also the person responsible for my banners and took great pains to remove the man- boobs the current one originally sported. Three cheers to Kelly!

In the tradition of The Award, I'm required to pass it on to someone whose work I enjoy. And so it brings me great joy to give it to Lori over at Fermented Fur. She's a funny woman based out of Minnesota, who writes a heckuva blog and is a regular reader of this one. Thanks for making me laugh, Lori! Duncan and I love you!

And because we've received this highly prestigious honor, Duncan and I are taking the night off and focusing our attention on the couch, the television and the pasta that is just about ready to serve. The noodles are all mine, but Duncan will get a little something extra in his bowl, perhaps some Merrick Harvest Moon duck, pheasant and quail served in sweet potatoes, green beans and Minnesota wild rice. I kid you not, he eats better than Ken and me, but he's a star, after all, and deserves to be pampered.


Lori said...

Woooooooowwwww, cool!!!! What have I got to do to pass it on???? How do I do it? (Guess I can't give it back to you, though...! That'd probably be a rules violation of some sort)
Such honors and accolades, and my blog barely a month old! Go, me!

Ruth said...

Man boobs????

Anonymous said...

Lovely art. I love it, and I love the new banner. It is perfectly seasonal.