Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Tonight while watching the Westminster Dog Show, I saw numerous commercials for the Pedigree Adoption Drive. Although not a fan of Pedigree as dog food, I have to respect any organization that wants to ensure a good home for every dog. I thought this commercial was particularly touching.

And now back to your regularly scheduled blog.


Ruth said...

OH MY GOD are you trying to ruin my night? How can I sleep knowing that for every dog that's adopted another dog isn't???

Lori said...

Every time I see that commercial, I SO want that dog! ;-) Yes, Pedigree does some awesome things... too bad making quality food isn't one of them. I loved the spot early in the coverage where they showed a dog given up to a rescue because the owner was in a nursing home and not expected to ever leave. HE DID, and staff saw his dog on the rescue's website, and the nice old widower got his best friend back. Nice. (The golden last night did NOT make the group cut, indicating the judge may have been brought in off the street and never actually met a dog... I may blog about this later!)

traci said...

I bawled the first time I saw this commercial. It really hits the point home. And YAY! for Uno the Beagle taking home the top prize. Murphy and Chloe were especially pleased with results.

Curt Rogers said...

Yes, Duncan and I had a bit of a discussion about Uno winning, and I explained that sometimes even people we entrust to make the right decisions go astray. And we agreed that Uno's win was entirely political and means nothing, except that Westminster has obviously lost some of its dignity. Dirty hound!

And who do I have to thank for this opinion? Hmmm... Tell Murphy I'm thinking about him. Or rather, tell him I'll never forget. ;)