Sunday, February 17, 2008

Delicious Little Ways

This is how the weekend ends.

I watched the snow roll in and out of the sky through the naked branches of the tree on our patio all afternoon. Once the weather decided what it wanted to be I finished my chores and leashed up Duncan. After a lovely night-walk on the crust of the snow which dusted us all day, I decided that we deserved a treat. Duncan was served lamb sausage links in sweet potatoes, snow peas, gravy and Granny Smith apples while I prepared myself chicken poached in vegetable stock and served under a thyme and Gorgonzola cheese sauce, sprinkled with fresh snipped parsley, jasmine rice and buttery white corn. I'll put on my pajamas, pop in The Razor's Edge and enjoy the rest of the evening on the couch, Duncan curled up near me, keeping my feet warm, while Winnie rests on my hip. Were I able to drink, I'd enjoy a glass of port but I'll have to settle for chamomile tea instead. And this will be enough to get me through the week. We all have our ways.


PawHealer said...

A man after my own heart...can me and my four dogs come over for dinner? Sounds yummy for all of us.

Amber said...

You're so creative in the kitchen...even Duncan eats better than me!

Curt Rogers said...

Alas, nearly the entire evening comes courtesy of my friend, David. It was he who gave me the movie, and it was his recipe that I changed. Without him it would've been Spaghetti-O's, Kool-Aid and American Idol. Three cheers to David!

Lisa said...

Did you love Razor's Edge? Check out the remake with Bill Murray if you haven't. It's really good, too.

And of course as writers we must stop to honor the book by Somerset :)