Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mistaken Identity

There are a couple of Goldens here but most of them are either much lighter in color or far fatter than Duncan. But one of them, a spunky, playful thing named Twinkie is almost identical in color and weight. They're so close that several dogs, including a Bloodhound and Pepper, the work dog we visit several times a day, constantly mistake her for Duncan. The only trouble is that Twinkie only likes Roo. While she's not mean she barks loudly and won't come near them. Many mornings I've been told that Pepper dragged Cindy, her person, halfway across the complex after what she perceived to be Dunc and me, in hopes of getting a treat, only to get a very loud and very cold shoulder from Twinkie. Now when Pepper sees us, even if we come up to her patio, she's a little wary until she smells the treats on my hand and in my pocket.

Yesterday morning we ran into Twinkie and Yumi, her human, at the park. Yumi doesn't speak much English, but she's a very friendly woman who loves Dunc and grins, shaking her head as she marvels at how similar they are. We took them both off their leashes and tossed the ball around for ten or fifteen minutes, not talking but smiling and laughing in that way that people who don't share a language often do. And when it was time to go, Yumi called to Twinkie but Twink was too caught up in wrestling Dunc for control of the ball. Yumi called again and when she still didn't get a response she stepped up to them, snapped the leash onto Duncan and began to walk away. Roo looked at me like, "What the heck is this," while Twinkie, finally in control of the ball, rolled over and showed her blonde belly to the sky.

"Wait," I called. "You've got my dog!" Yumi stopped, looked from Duncan to Twinkie then back again, smiled a very big, embarrassed smile then laughed hysterically while we traded dogs, much to Duncan's relief. We chuckled all the way back across the street and home.

And that is why when I saw the picture of Mister Clooney yesterday, filming a commercial on a beach somewhere in California, with a dog who looked exactly like Duncan, I posted the picture.

All questions answered.


Greg said...

Well played. :)

Finn said...

Very nice. I think you should have let us think you have a star on your hands!

Curt Rogers said...

Finn, you should have seen the comments I got on my facebook page. People did think I had a star on my hands and I started to feel bad about it. But I figured today's post would clear things up. (Apologies, especially to Tom!)

Berts Blog said...

Oh Curt, that is so funny. I can just see your face and Duncans when the lady walked off with him. I think I would shall laugh for a week about that.

I have a girl who works for me who sent the wrong black lab home with the wrong person. It took the lady who took the wrong dog home about two hours to realize the mistake.

You can imagine why I don't leave that girl alone here at the doggy day care anymore......

Marie said...

Aha! I am giggling here in Moorhead. Love it! You had me fooled, and clearly Duncan and Twinky had you two fooled as well. Great posts!