Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Buffalo Wings: Serendipity

It took far too long getting home tonight. A lane was closed which caused me to spend twenty minutes sitting in traffic when I was only five minutes away from home. I was impatient to take Duncan out, to spend an hour or so walking the park, enjoying the cool breeze, the fading smell of the Russian Olives drifting across the lake and the blue-turning-to-pink color of the sky above the still-green mountains. But, as I'm so often reminded on my walks with Roo, things happen for a reason.

After a particularly fun episode with one of the new bunnies we were on our way home when I spotted a woman sitting with her Golden not far from where we cross the street. We ventured over to say hello and make new friends and I'm happy I did. Florence was sitting with Winston, her nine-year-old dog whose beautiful face has turned almost completely white, but who still grinned like a puppy. While Florence and I chatted about his belly issues I gave Winston a treat or two, and then, as I often do, recommended Chelsea at Hero's Pets. We talked for a long time while she waited for her daughter to finish soccer practice. She was an incredibly nice and polite woman and as we were departing I asked where she was originally from, mistakenly guessing somewhere in the Midwest based on her accent.

"Buffalo," she said.

I couldn't help but grin and get excited about my impending trip. It has been on my mind a lot as I gear up for the inevitable anxiety of being away from home and Duncan. But meeting her was like The Universe saying, "There are good people waiting to meet you there. You have nothing to fear. Everything will be better than you can possibly imagine."

Thank you, Florence, for being the voice I needed to hear tonight. Thank you traffic, for delaying me long enough to have a chance encounter. And thank you, Duncan, for leading me across the fields in the direction I needed to go.

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