Monday, May 21, 2012

Buffalo Wings: A Magic Feather Update (1)

The feathers have began to arrive, first from Mary, a wonderful woman I work with, who brought me two feathers from a hawk that perched in her patio during our last snowfall three weeks ago. Then Eileen, my boss, brought me two feathers her children, Jenna and Michael, found while walking home from school. And finally we received a beautiful feather from Vickie and Bert, whose blog, Four-Legged Views, we visit and enjoy daily. Vickie is one of those people the internet led me to, and I have been thankful for her presence out there ever since.

As a reminder, I'm collecting feathers for my trip to Buffalo in June. Anyone interested should email me for my address. To sweeten the deal I'm putting everyone's names into a hat and one lucky winner will receive a gift from Duncan and me. Please remember to include your pet's name and what kind of pet he or she is. All entries must be received by June 15th. I don't depart until the 20th, but I'd like to have the entries early enough so that I can get the prize mailed out before I depart.

Thank you, again, for your help and support.

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Jyoti said...

This is sort of a "dog ate my homework" comment. While walking the dogs the other night in our nearby park, we came upon a hawk feather, shed by one of the fledglings I've recently been hearing in their nest high in the cottonwood tree there. I tucked it in my pocket and brought it home and set it near my desk to have ready to send off to you. As I looked over just now to check on in, I found it's no longer there. I'm still unused to having a puppy in the house again and realized it was just the kind of thing Chester would like to investigate. Maybe another one will find its way onto our path. If not, I trust that you will receive all the feathers you need without ours.